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2019 China Around Taklimakan (International)Rally and China Cross-Country Rally (CCR) Xinjiang Station Competition

  • source:tlv4x4
  • Date:03/25/2019

The 2019 China Around Taklimakan (International)Rally and China Cross-Country Rally (CCR) Xinjiang Station Competition Press Conference was held in Beijing Xinjiang Building on March 20.

China cross country rally


Relevant department leaders, industry guests, participating teams and media across the country witnessed this world-class long-distance off-road rally——Launching Ceremony of 2019 China Around Taklimakan (International)Rally and China Cross-Country Rally (CCR) Xinjiang Station Competition.



In 2019, the event was strongly supported by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Sports Bureau, the Culture and Tourism Department, the Xinjiang Aksu City Government, and the Hotan Regional Office. At the press conference, the deputy director of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Sports Bureau, Jalken Saiyi, said that the Around Taklimakan Rally was the earliest and most famous brand-name sports event in Xinjiang, and was strongly supported by the autonomous regional government and the Xinjiang Sports Bureau. The Around Taklimakan Rally has gradually developed into a national Class A event and an international Class A event by a few people's pursuit of extreme sports. It has finally become the top off-road rally in Asia and the world. Its development is not only a testament to the development of China's cross-country sports, but also It is a testimony to the growing economic development of Xinjiang and the integration of people's living standards with international standards.

Gu Li. Abulimu, deputy director of the Party Committee of the Cultural and Tourism Department of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, pointed out that the National Tourism Administration and the State Sports General Administration jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Developing Sports Tourism", the China Around Taklimakan (International)Rally as Xinjiang's external propaganda window and benchmark sports events have always adhered to the "sports + tourism" event activities, and actively implement the " The Belt and Road " national strategy with the local government, and gradually form an emerging industry with deep integration of tourism industry and sports industry. Taking the off-road sports as the core, taking the on-site viewing, participation experience and visits as the main form, while satisfying the competition, health and entertainment, tourism and leisure, we also provide a series of economic activities such as related event derivatives and event travel services are provided to the public. It not only promoted the development of Xinjiang's local economy and tourism economy, but also promoted the cultural exchanges of various places. It is the pride of Xinjiang, and the autonomous regional government will fully guarantee and support the smooth progress of the Around Taklimakan Rally!



Wu Lamujiang • Reyimu, the Mayor of Xinjiang Aksu city, said: The Around Taklimakan Rally will be an important event organized by Aksu City. The city of Aksu will also firmly establish the concept of global tourism development in accordance with the strategic requirements of the autonomous region’s tourism strategy. Based on the unique sports tourism resources, we will continue to promote the development of tourism integration, actively explore new ways of integrating tourism industry and develop new models to promote the development of Aksu. Aksu City will also use the brand influence of the Around Taklimakan Rally to further enhance its popularity and reputation. Together with Xinjiang Around Taklimakan Motorsports Club Co., Ltd., the 2019 Around Taklimakan Rally will be the most successful event. 



Zhang Jian, deputy commissioner of the Hetian District Committee, said: After 14 years of continuous development, the China Around Taklimakan (International)Rally has become an internationally renowned brand event and an important business card for Xinjiang sports tourism culture. Cross-country enthusiasts and tourists, while improving local popularity and reputation, can also promote the prosperity and development of tourism economy, cultural economy and characteristic products in Xinjiang. The Hetian government will make good use of this opportunity to take advantage of the brand influence of the Around Taklimakan Rally. The social stability and harmony, economic and cultural development, and national unity in the Hetian area will be displayed to the people of the country and the world, and will promote the promotion of local humanities and tourism resources. As the venue of the closing ceremony, the competition will be held in four stages of competitions and activities around the Niya site, Daliyabuyi, and Kunlun Mountain Plu Village. Hetian City is implementing the spirit of the Autonomous Region Tourism Development Conference and vigorously implementing tourism and tourism. The strategy, through the perfect combination of competition and tourism, will transform the tourism industry into a pillar industry and actively explore new ways of integrating tourism industry and develop new models. The exhibition also showed exhibits and cultures from all over Xinjiang, attracting the attention of many media and guests.



Lu Mingwei, director of the China Motorcycle Sports Federation's off-road committee, announced the information of various events: "All great, from the beginning" The 2019 Around Taklimakan Rally featured the "100% Taklimakan" concept, which kicked off on May 20 and ended on June 3. It lasted 15 days. The whole schedule is expected to be 5,000 kilometers, with a total of 9 stages, of which the special stage is no less than 2,000 kilometers, the desert ratio will exceed 50%, and a high altitude stage of up to 3100 meters is specially set up. This is the first time in the history of the Around Taklimakan and the most difficult one in recent years. The race started from the city of Aksu, passing through the Aksu region, the Kizilsu Kirghiz Autonomous Prefecture, the Kashgar region, and finally closed at the HeTian city. The stage covers the landscape of the Yadan Mountains, the hinterland of the Taklimakan Desert, the Gobi and the Kunlun Snow Mountain. The whole schedule will bring new challenges to the drivers.



The meeting also released the "6 comprehensive upgrades" of the 2019 China Around Taklimakan (International)Rally:

1. The level of the event is in line with international standards.

  In 2019, the specifications of the event will be upgraded to a new level. It will be recruited globally. In addition to the well-known domestic teams and drivers, it will attract many top international teams and drivers.

2. The difficulty of the event reached a new high

  This year's Around Taklimakan track features the "100 Taklimakan" concept. It is reported that the 2019 stage will be the most difficult and challenging schedule in the history of the Around Taklimakan and will be the most memorable experience for drivers.


3. Overall improvement of the event service

  In 2019, the infrastructure of the big camp will be upgraded in an all-round way. In addition to the regular activities of the big camp, the concept of “Grand Camp Carnival” will be newly introduced, and concerts and food festivals in Aksu and Hotan will be held in a series of ethnic activities

4, the event spread to build a new matrix

  In 2019, the Around Taklimakan event spread on the basis of Hunan Satellite TV, Xinjiang Satellite TV, Corps Satellite TV, and many other traditional media, and reached a strategic partnership agreement with today's headlines. It is intended to create a full-media matrix of the Around Taklimakan based on today's headlines, attract more media, and use more abundant and diversified means of communication to let Chinese motor sports enter ordinary people, so that more racing enthusiasts love motor sports. Learn about motor sports and help promote the Chinese motor sports.

5, the event tour to the public

  The mysterious Xinjiang has always attracted the attention of many travel enthusiasts. This year's Tour of the Around Taklimakan is based on events and provides professional logistics services, including quasi-experience groups, assembly events and other large-scale experiences and self-driving tour projects. Intention to cooperation, the majority of travel enthusiasts can also sign up through the official website of the Around Taklimakan.

6, the event derivatives are new

  In 2019, the Around Taklimakan derivative products combine sports and Xinjiang regional characteristics, and are divided into clothing, green products, local handicrafts and other categories. The clothing will be in line with the national tide brand, and the fashion and the cross-country feelings will be combined while building the automobile culture. At the same time, taking into account the comfort and practical functionality; the green products will collect the most natural and original products of Tianshan, so that the fans can understand Xinjiang and understand the Around Taklimakan through the derivatives of the Around Taklimakan.


The theme song "Chasing the Dream Around Taklimakan " created by the young singer Xu Letong for the ring tower rally will push the conference to a climax. "The dream does not fall, you have my firm attachment and never retreat...." sang the voice of all the contestants. "Every departure is a new journey. Every time you participate, you are your own hero!"