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Our factory Telawei 4x4 Off-road Accessories Factory is one of the earliest and biggest Snorkel 4x4 Manufacturer of China and now we have more than 100 models of snorkel kits for more than 15 brands of vehicles. Such as Ford Ranger Snorkel, toyota snorkel, Isuzu snorkel and so on.


The snorkel kit is also called a high-level air inlet pipe. The 4x4 snorkel is not a necessity for off-road driving, but it is very practical in sandy land under dusty conditions or when it is necessary to cross rivers and streams. This means that it is worthwhile to equip this equipment for off-road adventurers and general off-road driving. You may ask “Why?” The specific principle is that the snorkel kit is near the engine and it is the intake opening of the intake pipe of the engine of a general car. When you are off-road crossing, if this intake is lower than the water level, the water will be sucked into the engine, which will be seriously damaged to the engine. After installing snorkel kit, that the position of the engine air inlet will be highly rised, ensuring that when you off-roading you will not worry about your engine be damaged by water and you can have a relax and exciting off-roading time. 4X4 Snorkel will take care of everythings.


Snorkel kitcan help the vehicle to traverse deeper water, and help the engine to suck in more clean air in the case of more dust, increasing the efficiency of the engine. Note that the joints of the wader must be sealed to prevent water ingress.


How to choose a suitable snorkel kit for your loved car? Be sure to choose the 4x4 snorkel that is suitable for the vehicle and engine model, that professional Snorkel 4x4 Manufacturer -- Telawei would be your best choice. A suitable snorkel kit will be your otherwise reduce the intake air of the engine, which will reduce the performance of the vehicle. Similarly, the risk of water ingress from the seals must not be taken, as water ingress from the engine will cause severe damage. If you have doubts about your own ability, you can install it by a professional.


We have total 5 models of Ford Ranger Snorkel for your choice. Which included 2006-2015 old and new Ford Ranger Snorkel models, That would be easy for your checking a suitable model for your vehicle! If you have any problems or inquiry just feel free to contact us!


OEM on snorkels and packing are welcoming!


  1. 011SAT0121T snorkel

This Snorkel Kit is designed to suit:

Ford Ranger PX

Oct. 2011+

2.2L & 3.2L Diesel


  1. 011SAT0121S snorkel

This Snorkel Kit is designed to suit:

Ford Ranger PJ/PK


Turbo Diesel-L


  1. SFRT611A snorkel

This Snorkel Kit is designed to suit:

New Ford Ranger T6

08/11 Onwards

Diesel P4AT 2.2Litre-I4

Diesel P5AT 3.2Litre-I5


  1. SFR07A snorkel

This Snorkel Kit is designed to suit:

Ford Ranger PJ PK Series

01/2007- 2011 

Diesel WEAT 3.0L-I4

PK Ranger - Special attention required for template installation


  1. S980A snorkel

This Snorkel Kit is designed to suit:


08/2011 - 09/2015

Diesel  P5AT 3.2Litre-I5