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Installing a isuzu snorkel  on your 4wd snorkels will increase the air intake and enhance basic overall performance as nicely as defending your engine from dirt and water damage. 

Telawei 4x4 snorkels kits are designed and manufactured from quality UV Resistant Linear Low Density Polythylene (LLDPE).The ventilation system relocates the intake point of the engine from a relatively low and vulnerable position under the hood to a higher and safer position, where cool, clean and dry air can be continuously provided.It is made of high quality LLDPE polyethylene, much better than fibers or ABS.4x4 ventilator fuselage and air piston are made of durable, ultraviolet-resistant, cross-linked polyethylene material, meeting the highest standards.In addition, the solid material wall thickness provides tremendous physical strength to ensure that the Isuzu snorkesthrough the most difficult off-road conditions on Earth.With accurate design and engineering you can be confident that your vehicle will be protected against water instruction and leakages.


Off road 4X4 snorkel is designed for dust from the desert, the intake ensures a cleaner air supply to the engine when driven in dusty conditions and improves the vehicle's wading ability in wet or flooded conditions,when the snow is common will benefit from elevated air inlets to prevent snow from melting.Each design improves the look of the vehicle and includes a fitting kit for your standard engine type.


Telawei off road 4x4 snorkel can change the rotation snorkel head to be the injection head which is much more stronger and stylish.The upgraded design snorkel head is unique in the market. We believe that new design and quality will increase your sales and make more profits. We overcome the most difficult problem on connection with better cutting and can also put your logo on the off road 4x4 snorkel head .

For the 4X4 snorkel body also with oval position for customize brand,and most of our 4x4 snorkel comes with template,full complete stainless steel accessories (nuts,brackets),3 years warranty, you can select carton packaged or bubble bag packaged .


Below’s our current six styles for Isuzu snorkels FYI. If any 4x4 snorkels match your demand,please feel free to contact us. 

  1. SIMUA snorkel

This Snorkel Kit is designed to suit:

GM/ Holden/ Isuzu Rodeo/ Opel Campo R7/ FRONTERA B (1998 - 2007)

01/1988 -12/1996

Diesel 4JB1T 2.8Litre-I4


  1. SIR9A snorkel

This Snorkel Kit is designed to suit:


01/1997 to 12/2001

4JB1-T 2.8Litre Diesel


  1. SITPA snorkel

This Snorkel Kit is designed to suit:

Isuzu Jackaroo, Trooper, Monterey

01/1992 to 12/2004

4JX1T-EI 3.0Litre-I4 Diesel

4JG2-T 3.1Litre-I4 Diesel


  1. SIDMA snorkel

This Snorkel Kit is designed to suit:

Isuzu D-MAX

10/08 to 05/12

(Does not suit Single Cab Models)

Diesel 4JJ1-Hi-Power 3.0Litre-I4


  1. S175A snorkel

This Snorkel Kit is designed to suit:

Isuzu D-MAX RT50

June 2012 Onwards

4JJ1-TC 3.0Litre-I4 Diesel


  1. S176A snorkel

This Snorkel Kit is designed to suit:


GM/Isuzu Colorado/Colorado 7 RG

05/2012 Onwards

12/12 Onwards

2.8Litre-I4 Diesel

2.8L CTDI 4cyl Duramax Engine


What’s more ,our factory also accept OEM design ,welcome send your own design to us .Telawei team will offer our best support to you .