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Telawei 4WD Ground Anchor 150
Telawei 4WD Ground Anchor 02
Telawei 4WD Ground Anchor 03

Telawei 4WD Ground Anchor 150

Art. #: 150


Telawei 4WD Ground Anchor 04
  • Ground Anchor which serves as a very important part of recovery equipments is factory set to give you maximum performance in soil. It has three settings to fit for use in soil, sand and very loose sand respectively. When anchoring, move the angle pin to the appropriate setting accordingly

  • Even though your Ground Anchor will work on its own, a greater performance can be achieved by a second person standing behind the anchor holding the handle to make sure the anchor will be pulled into the soil in an appropriate angel.


  • When attaching you winch cable to the bow shackle of the Ground anchor make sure your cable winch hook is of standard size.

  • Do not use a large hook, as this will restrict the shank from penetrating the sand or soil.

  • By removing your winch hook completely and then attaching your winch cable directly to the bow shackle can marginally improve the ground anchor's performance.

Whenever heavy winching is necessary, set the Ground anchor as far away from your vehicle as possible, this does two things, one, it allows the Ground anchor to go deeper two, your winch has more power to cope with the load, when using a tirfor or a double purchase block, a four metre sling must be fitted between the Ground anchor or the purchase block for the sake of safety.

When using a tirfor it is not possible to retrieve the Ground anchor as you would with a power winch. Before winching the ground anchor when using a tirfor, fit a rope sling to the ring provided on the fluke nut and the other end of the handle when winching is completed either slide the Ground Anchor out rearward by pulling on the rope or simply fit the loose end of the sling over your tow bar and drive forward

After the ground anchor is used, clean the soil or sand on the anchor thoroughly, otherwise it would invite rust or the anchors performance will be influenced in the following use.

Inconsistent soil such as leaves and grass may not allow the Ground anchor to give you the holding power you require, if this happens, continue to winch the Ground anchor for approx, two and a half metres, this cleans away over burden and top soils

Remove and reset the ground anchor at the beginning of the first pull, this will allow the Ground anchor to continue it's decent until the holding power you require is achieved

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We accept no responsibility for any damage or injury incurred from using winching equipment. Any type of winching and/or rescue work can involve risks. Any actions involving winching and/or rescue are undertaken at your own risk

Telawei 4WD Ground Anchor 05
Telawei 4WD Ground Anchor 06
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Telawei 4WD Ground Anchor 08




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