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Telawei 4x4 Team Spring Walk - 13.8 km

  • source:tlv4x4
  • Date:03/19/2019

Spring, a very nice season for outing and enjoy the fresh air.

On 9th March 2019, we Telawei team went for a 13.8km walk along a beautiful island - Xianlu Island.

It’s not a sunny day, at the beginning, it’s raining heavily....

However, we kept our schedule, and started our trip in the rain.


There are totally 7 stops for us to pass by, so that we could complete the whole walk trip.



Just follow us, we would like to share the good views with you.....

The flower sea on the 1st stop



The beautiful View along the river.

See the clown on the way, so many teams hurried to take photo with him. Very funny and adorable.

telawei team spring walk beautiful view


After passing the whole journey, we almost arrive our destination!

All of us were exhausted and hungry, but our dreams waked us up, and guide us to the terminal point.

last station telawei team spring walk

We made it!!

We started from 9:30, and arrive terminal point on 14:30.

For more than 5 hours walking with even 2 kids.

How lovely they can manage to be with us from the beginning. They are brave enough to win.

telawei team spring walk successful


Everyone is so exciting when seeing the end point, and we can’t wait to take a photo together.

Our faith, our insist, our way of sticking on our goal finally guild us to the place we want to.



It’s also a great lesson for all of us, no matter adults, or kids to experience.

Rainy day is cold, but our heart is warm. We felt the rain, wind, and little bit sun.

We wish we could have more chance in the future to explore with our 4x4 products.

Still remember the Sanya Journey we made last year in May.

My dear friends, if you like our team, we - china off road accessories supplier sincerely wish we could have chance to meet one day.