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Initially, all Off road 4x4 Snorkels were designed to drive in deserts and other sandy areas of the world, ensuring cleaner air supply for engines with more ash. 
If air is absorbed from a higher position, less ash will be added, which can not only save money due to the reduction of air filter replacement times, but also reduce the risk of engine damage due to accumulated dust. A small amount of ash entering the engine is enough to wear it. Snorkel can also improve the wading ability of vehicles in wet or flood conditions.
The most common reason for Off road 4x4 snorkel is to allow the vehicle to avoid water filtering from the air into the engine, thus crossing deep water.Drivers of four-drive vehicles driving in heavy snow can also benefit from the high intake Snorkel to avoid problems caused by snow melt.If you install a high level intake snorkel, be sure to regularly check and maintain the hose from the intake snorkel to the filter and the hose from the filter to the intake manifold.Make sure that the air filter is sealed (there are small holes at the bottom of some filters to discharge the ash layer and water), that all pipes are sealed, reinforced and in good condition, and most importantly, that the connection between the vent pipe and the original intake snorkel is well sealed. If in doubt, let the professional install it.
The snorkel is designed to balance the air pressure when the heated axle or gearbox cools rapidly. This condition will cause the air pressure inside the box to decrease, thus allowing air to be drawn in through the ventilator. If the ventilator is below the water surface, water may be drawn into it.
Most 4WD vehicles have ventilators on the transmission, axle and transfer case, but many extend to the engine compartment and are mounted higher on the bulkhead
We are the unique manufacture of Chinese Off road 4x4 Snorkel for over 15 years, we have our own 4x4 Snorkel tooling or mould more than 100 pieces includes Toyota Off Road Snorkels, Jeep Snorkel, Isuzu 4x4 Snorkel, the almost off-road series vehicles,and TLV4X4 have large production capacity and inventory for this products.Normally, the most hot selling items such as Toyota Hilux Snorkels, Toyota Land Cruiser Snorkels, Jeep Snorkel ,Ford Ranger T6  and so on. We keep around 100-200 pieces in our warehouse,so it is available for your trial order.Our minimum order quantity at least 100 pieces can mix models.Meanwhile,
Telawei 4x4 accept OEM or ODM brand for your own logos or designs Snorkel.
The raw material LLDPE “polyethylene” purchased from Thailand,with very high quality controlled for production.The other material made by fiber or ABS is easily to broken from other Chinese factories or they may made by recycled material.TLV4x4 Off Road 4x4 Snorkel including full complete set,it could comes with Snorkel body, Snorkel head, template, the whole set of accessories.

Here are some models of our Snorkels for you reference.


ST040A---Toyota 40, 42, 45 & 47 series Landcruiser
ST060A---Toyota 60, 61 & 62 series Landcruiser
ST070A---Toyota 71, 73,75,78 & 79 series Narrow Front Landcruiser 1985-2007

60190----71, 73,75,78,79 Series Wide Front Landcruiser 2007+
ST075A---Toyota 75 series Narrow Front Landcruiser
ST076A---Toyota 71, 73,75,78,79 Series Wide Front Landcruiser
ST078A---Toyota 78 series Narrow Front Land Cruiser
ST080A---Toyota 80 series Landcruiser/Lexus LX450
ST090A---Toyota Prado 90 Series
ST090KZA---Toyota Prado 90 Series
ST100A---Toyota 100 series Landcruiser/Lexus LX470
ST100NA---Toyota 100 series Landcruiser/Lexus LX470
ST120A---Toyota Prado 120 series
ST150A---Toyota Prado 150 Series
ST200A---Toyota 200 series Landcruiser
STFJA---Toyota FJ Cruiser
STH65A---Toyota Hilux 65 Series
STH106A---Toyota Hilux 106 Series
STH167LA ---Toyota 167 Series Hilux
STH167RA---Toyota 167 Series Hilux & SR5
STH25AD---Toyota Hilux 25 series
STH25AP---Toyota Hilux 25 series

STT170A---Toyota Tacoma

S156A---Toyota Fortuner 2015+

STT56A--Toyota Tundra Gen2 2014 Facelift 5.7 Liter V8 Gasoline (3UR-FE Engine)

STH130A--Toyota 4RUNNER V6


SJXJA---Jeep Cherokee XJ /Liberty
SJZJA---Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ
SJWJ8B---Jeep J8, army
SJWTJSA--- Jeep Wrangler TJ
SJWTJLA--- Jeep Wrangler TJ
SJWJKA---Jeep JK wrangler

SJK36A--Jeep JK Wrangler 2012 onwards

SJWJA---Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ


If you want to develop new model or brand new snorkels, please just feel free to contact us.We will be your best choice Snorkel supplier in China.