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What Kind of Off-road Vehicles Do Australians Like Most?

  • source:tlv4x4
  • Date:02/22/2019

China is sparsely populated and suitable for off-road use?

The Australian smiled.

The US automobile industry is developed and the cross-country culture is booming?

The Australian smiled again.

Generally speaking, most Chinese people play cross-country is a label. Americans play cross-country is a sport, while Australians play cross-country, but it is life.

They are burdened with living materials, dragging a RV or a yacht across the mountains and rivers, and it is much more common than going to Kubuqi.

What kind of off-road vehicles are there for off-road Australians?




In the past ten years, Toyota Hilux has been winning the Australian new car sales champion. Toyota has provided the Australian people with up to 19 different configurations of the Hilux, including 2.8L diesel, 2.4L diesel and 4.0L gasoline 3 engines and 3 gearboxes (2 manual 1 automatic). Most Australians will undoubtedly choose 2.8L diesel, which is big and fuel-efficient, suitable for dry work.


In fact, the main reason why Hilux is popular in Australia is durability. In Australia, you can see Toyota SUVs of all ages, and even the ancestral FJ40 of the Land Cruiser series still runs on the street. Who can do it, not bad? Who would not like it?





Although the recognition in China is not high (mainly due to price and policy reasons), in the Australian market in recent years, it is the biggest threat to Hilux. From the perspective of annual sales, the sales of the new Ranger in 2018 have even surpassed Hilux.




The car is even less pitiful in China, because parallel importers will not do a loss-making business, so there is no import at all, but it is very popular in Australia. The Volkswagen brand does not have a far-reaching foundation in Australia like Toyota, but its clear goal is to target the Hilux, to impress consumers with lower prices and more affordable after-sales service.


It has the largest container size in its class, and is more suitable for loading different sizes of pallets and carrying more cargo. Its rated traction is also higher than that of Hilux and Ford Rangers. It also has a twin-turbocharged 2.0-liter diesel engine and an 8-speed automatic transmission, which makes Hilux dwarf. Although its off-road capability and durability are not rivals of  Hilux, it is also enough for most consumers, not to mention the price is about 10,000 Australian dollars (about 50,000 RMB)!





In fact, the Land cruiser series and the Prado series were developed for the Australian market. Prado is the champion in the SUV field only if you look at the new car sales, but the overall LC, the Australian LC series share is much larger. Whether it's in a big city like Sydney or Melbourne or just the desert that is inaccessible, you can see the Land Cruiser of various models and years from the FJ40 to the LC200.

The Prado sold in Australia is dominated by a 2.8L diesel engine. Although Australians like pickups very much, Prado's comfort and economy (relatively speaking) are also irresistible. What's more, Prado's performance in both the downhill and the towed yachts is not lost to other products.





In China,  Navara is also a leader in the same level of market. In Australia, which has no restrictions on pickups, it can only be more popular. Moreover, although  Navara is a fresh species in the Chinese market, it has a history of more than a decade in Australia.

Its advantage is cheap and comfortable, but its traction and stability of the chassis is slightly inferior to the previous ones. Fortunately, there is no shortage of various modification schemes in Australia. The hands-on ability of the owners is really strong, so these problems are not difficult to solve in the later modification. In summary, Navara has won wide acclaim from the Australian people.






In many parts of the world, D-Max is a "God car." The first generation of D-Max achieved excellent market response in Australia. Its stable and high performance diesel engine, low price and unlimited modification space make it the love of the Australian people.

The most impressive of D-Max is its 3.0L diesel engine. Although it is not a new technology, it is not a black technology, but it and the matching 5-speed automatic transmission have been tested in many years of market validation, and the reliability can be equal to Prado. In fact, Australians are more rude and demanding than the Americans – they can be rough, but they must do a rough job. D-Max clearly meets this standard.




HOLDEN is Australia's Chevrolet. It's not about how good the product is, but about the national sentiment. Many Australians feel that they have to have a HOLDEN. That's right, this Kurod is exactly the same as Chevrolet's. It's a change of car.

Although it is a change of car, but its two important labels accurately capture the consumer nerves of the Australian people: 1. pickup; 2. local brands. On this basis, this car has a lot of advantages compared to D-Max and  Navara. It is better to open, quieter and more comfortable, and has more traction and richer. Electronic configuration. But no matter what, feelings can not be eaten after all, it will never replace the  Hilux and Ford Ranger.






If there is no way in the "Australian people's favorite off-road vehicle", then it must not be said. The Australian people like Y61, but the Y62 is still relatively rare. As mentioned above, the requirements of Australians for off-road vehicles in order should be durability, power, passability and modification space.

Everyone should be very clear about the Y61, the indestructible chassis, the powerful four-wheel drive and the power system. Even in China, it is also a Dream Car for many off-road enthusiasts, not to mention Australia, which is practical and has few policy restrictions.






Like the Y61, the LC70 series is also a dream car that does not need to be described. Front and rear hard shaft, pure mechanical structure, tough guy's appearance and almost no maintenance reliability. The LC 70 series on the market today also has original wading, front and rear differential locks and dual fuel tanks, as well as a large number of conversion plants to provide unlimited modification possibilities.





This is of course a good car and a luxury car. Even in Australia, ordinary fans can only drool over it. In fact, Australia's auto market has many similarities with China. For example, this “big Land cruiser”, its biggest buyers come from government and enterprise agencies and leasing companies.

In China, it is difficult to see the diesel version of the LC 200, but almost every one you see in Australia is a diesel version, they are equipped with a 4.5L V8 turbo diesel engine, maximum power and torque respectively It is 200 W and 650 N·m. When it comes to cross-country ability, reliability, comfort and comprehensive comparison, who else is its competitor?