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Wheel Fender Flares

Fender flares is the abbreviation of the car wheel brow, refers to the tire on the edge of the plating lotus-bright, that is, the car tire above the wing plate protruding semi - circular parts.

It's made of 1/2 steel, 1/2 plastic, front and rear wheels.Common person calls it the eyebrow of wheel reason calls round eyebrow! The function of the fender flares is mainly for the purpose of decoration and the personalized needs of the driver. Meanwhile, the function of the fender flares for the purpose of aerodynamics also conforms to the hydrodynamics and reduces the wind resistance coefficient. The industry generally believes that the stainless steel wheel eyebrow tire obtained: 1, a more dazzling appearance 2, better bend limit.Lost: 1, speed reduction 2, comfort.In addition, the wheel - brow design has little effect on the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

The benefits of fender flares are wide ranging, but most customers purchase for one of four reasons:

  • To add styling to a stock truck
  • To abide by the law if the customer has large tires
  • To hide rust or body damage around the wheel well
  • To replace damaged fender flares that came with the truck

At present,we have about 60 kinds fender flares:

  1. Design :Vacuum,Injection,Pocket Style;
  2. Color:Matte/Smooth/Un-spray paint black/white/silver/gray/red

Aggressive Pocket/Bolted Look

  • A very popular, aggressive look
  • Bolts are just for looks (no drilling)
  • Stainless steel bolts that stand out
  • Flares provide durability, flexibilty and protection
  • UV protected - no chalking, warping or cracking

This set of fender flares come have an aggressive look, perfect for any truck - especially those with larger tires. The bolts are just for looks and require no drilling for installation, which provides durability, flexibility and protection. All fender flares come with UV protection - no cracking, chalking or warping from weather.

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