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Why Like Off Road

  • source:tlv4x4
  • Date:01/29/2019

When I was a child, when a meal of ten steamed stuffed bun as the goal of life, very happy;Now, when you can go to any level of restaurant, but can not find any sense of happiness.

In this impetuous society where everyone wants to earn quick money, houses, tickets, women;Titles, titles, fame, pressure, breathless.Forty-one, life becomes boring, depressed.Have a lot of words want to say, but feel redundant;Have a lot to do, and feel powerless.Want to do something bad, but do not have the courage;If you want to be well-mannered, you have to tell the truth.Travel, where voices are louder than birds, and human heads cover the hilltop.

When can I breathe the fresh air again?How can we find the feeling of flying again?


Wild, it is outskirts, wasteland;Free from restraint;A great, undivided desire.Off-road is to go to the suburbs, unconstrained realization of huge and not points of desire!Off-road vehicles give a new definition of freedom: from now on, the traveler has no borders, from now on, the beautiful scenery, from now on, there is no distance between the city and the countryside, from now on, all within the four seas are brothers.

Off road is a kind of spirit, with the wheel to record the course of life, not for others, only for their own hearts that kind of desire to fly!

That's why I love off road.


why like off road

We all live in cities of concrete and steel;How many people are wrapped in thick armor, busy calculating gains and losses, busy speculating on the thoughts of others, busy looking for a quick way to make money?How long has it been since we've seen a mountain of flowers?How long have you not watched the stars fall?Even if you do notice the night sky, how many stars are there?

Off road redefines the meaning of freedom!

When you gallop in the five kilometers of snow mountain top, when you gallop in the vast desert, when you in the wild around the campfire singing and dancing, you have forgotten all the troubles of the world, return to the arms of freedom!

Off road redefines relationships!

A man, if you love him, let him go Off road, because, all the good qualities of a man: courage, tenacity, calm, never give up, righteousness and never abandon the spirit of brotherhood, will be reflected in the process of Off road incisively and vividly;A man, if you hate him, let him go Off road, because, cowardly, hypocritical, selfish soft eggs in the course of Off road, will immediately show its true shape!

That's why I love Off road!

Off road is actually an attitude to life

Why like off road

The greatest happiness of life, than free thought, independent personality!

Some people indignant pain criticized the entire society does not have the faith, after work drives the BMW to go home in the village to go against the grain, for the province several hundred meters road, chart own convenience;Some people in the office impassioned: this year the people who speak integrity is less and less, back home, the girl asked: dad, last weekend you promised to take me to the zoo, why not go?

I can't change society, I can't change other people, but I have an suv, and I can live my life the way I like!I know the Off road brothers, they are honest and trustworthy, respect others, have the courage to take responsibility, never give up, they are not afraid, they said it.Have such Off road brothers, is my lucky, is my happiness!

why like off road?Do you like it?Brother.


why like off road

Off road reshaped my concept of friends!

What is a friend?

Friends are in the depths of the vast desert, do not give up every person, every car

What is a friend?

Friends are climbing the desert Everest will be lutu said: I first, no problem, you keep up;

What is a friend?

A friend is someone who is the first to pull you out of your car when it's rolling over.


What is a friend?

My friend is the one who can drag the odd FJ cruiser out more than 100 kilometers deep in the badain jain desert and finally get back to the highway

What is a friend?

Friends are those who can go from Tibet, xinjiang, kunming, heihe, beiji village, daxing 'an mountain to hulun bui;

What is a friend?

Friends are through the long distance, see the need to rescue the car, we fall over each other to help others;

What is a friend?

Friends are in the camp when we talk about wine, laughing and cursing, without scruple;


What is a friend?

No matter whose car is broken, who will not go, who can not go, a small table, while drinking repair people.

What is a friend?

Friends are playing together, no matter what CEO, chairman, this bureau, that long, this total, that total, everyone is the same, all add each oil, each pay each fee, each repair each car


What is a friend?

A friend is one who, no matter how powerful you are or how much money you have, does whatever he has to do.

What is a friend?

Friends are together, driving a good car, driving an old car, and people are all equal, car and car are the same.


What is a friend?

Friends are not forced together, who pretend to be big, sooner or later in this circle all the good friends are far away from you, around only a group of so-called fair-weather friends, and the economic interests of the people;

Off road circle of friends, true temperament, true men, true brothers!

Don't you want a friend like that, bro!