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Why Put a Snorkel on Your 4x4?

  • source:tlv4x4
  • Date:01/14/2019

What is a snorkel kit? The actual name of the wading device should be called high intake air. The modification of the wading gas not only prevents objects such as dust, ice, snow and water from entering the engine through the air filter, but also increases the intake air amount of the instantaneous engine by the compression direction of the gas. Engine intake and human breathing are the same. When the air is thin or foggy, the power is definitely reduced. The high-quality intake not only protects the life of the engine, but also maximizes the power performance of the vehicle.


off road accessories vehicles


The biggest effect of the snorkel kit on the users of ordinary off road accessories vehicles is to let the engine of the vehicle breathe clean air, not in the city, but in the wild off-road, especially the road section of the team. This is very important thing.


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Usually we walk on the side of the road, a large truck will pass through the mouth and nose subconsciously, to prevent the dust from rising from the ground into our respiratory system. Similarly, when driving in the wild, encounter sandstorms or follow the car, the air The dirty things in the air will enter the air filter box from the front of the vehicle, most of which can be filtered by the air filter, but there is still a lot of dust or water entering the engine. More importantly, if you continue to drive on dirty roads, the air filter will soon be damaged and lose its effect. This is equivalent to opening the engine's large mouth and directly breathing foreign matter such as dust. This is why snorkel kit is very important off road accessories.